We can create items especially for you from our bakery with 24 hour notice. Call ahead and order any of the following items:

Layer Cakes-Remember those good ol'days when cakes were a treat for Sundays, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Well we serve them up for every day because life is tough and we deserve it! We create good tasting, eye-pleasing, classic cakes in our bakery just like they used to.

Italian Cream Cake-$35

Bourbon Chocolate-$30

Buttermilk Cake with Brown Butter Frosting-$30

Coconut Layer Cake with Italian Meringue-$30

Carrot Cake -$35

Black Forest-$30

German Chocolate-$35

Lane Cake-$30

Hummingbird Cake-$35

Single Layer Cakes-Sometimes, you just need something to feed you and yours. We can make any of our layer cakes as single layer cakes. Call us for pricing for cakes not listed below.

Caramel Apple Cake-$25

Peach Upside down Cake-$15

Butter Crunch Bundt Cake-$20

Limoncello Loaf Cake-$25

Pies-All of our pies are crafted with fresh pie crust... made with nothing but butter and love.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie (like they serve at that famous horse race)-$30

Bourbon Pecan Pie-$30

Caramel Apple Pie-$30

Buttermilk Pie-$25

Maple Custard Pie-$25

Cheesecakes-we make all of our cheesecakes with real ingredients and no gelatin for the perfectly creamy dessert. Each cheesecake serves 8 people.

NY Style Cheesecake-$35

Cookies and Cream-$40

Whiskey Caramel-$40

Dulce de Leche-$40

Dark Chocolate Espresso-$40

Maple Pecan-$45

White Chocolate Almond-$45

Cookie Trays-We can put together a selection of cookies in any size for you. Call for pricing

Coconut Macaroons-gluten-free

Nutella Shortbread Sandwiches


Russian Tea Cakes

Lemon Bars

Bakewell Tart Pieces

We can also bake and package any of our everyday bakery items for you:

Cinnamon Rolls-6 for $25

Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake-$22 (6 pieces)

Scones-plain or fruited-$18 (dozen comes with cream and jam cups)

Nutella Brownies- 6 for $15

Bakewell Tart-$18 (8 pieces)

We can also accommodate special requests not listed here. Call for pricing or suggestions.